You understand that you, as a landlord, are responsible for most of the ongoing maintenance and major repairs for your rental property. It is on the landlord to do whatever it requires to finish the repair in a timely manner if the repair impacts the quality of life of the tenant in any way or if the repair wasn’t the fault of the tenant. That’s the general rule of thumb.  

However, there are a few home repairs that just aren’t worth it as a DIY project. You may not have the required knowledge or the right tools to do the job.  

Here are several rental property repairs that you should not do yourself: 

Taking Out Walls 

To make a huge change to the layout of your property, put up better drywall, or add new insulation, you may be tempted to take out walls. It is fun to consider tearing down the walls literally. Also, installing new ones does not appear too difficult.  

However, getting rid of a wall without the right precaution can result in a huge disaster, depending on the way the property was built. You can interfere with the structural integrity of the whole property, or you can hit a water line or a gas line.  

You should not do anything to the walls without the help of a professional if you do not know what you are doing.  

Natural Gas Repairs 

There are some appliances in the house that run on gas. This includes clothes dryer, water heater, oven, and stove. A few of these appliances are probably utilized by your tenants. You might have to adjust these appliances or experience an issue with them. For instance, you might have to move the stove to re-tile the kitchen floor.  

But, any mistake you make in the lines can result in a leak. This leak won’t damage your property the way water does. However, it does present a fire threat. Of course, this is far more dangerous.  

Roof Repairs 

One of the last things you want for the house is a leaky roof. However, you might think that you could handle the job on your own. In general, using caulk to plug up the leak is not effective. It is just a short-term fix. Of course, if you ignore the leak, it will cause even more damage to your upper floor, attic, and roof.  

You might be able to handle the job if all you’ve got to do is replace a shingle. However, it is much better to let an expert do the job to make sure it is done properly.  

Plumbing Renovations 

There are several plumbing tasks that even an amateur DIY-ers can do. You should be able to take care of a regular clogged drain or a leaky shower head. But, it is much better to contact a professional if the issue needs any changes to the entire system. If undetected, even a minor leak in your plumbing system can end up causing a lot of money for repairs.